Yet another basket you can use for anything you like. This pattern is so universal, that you can adjust it to any dimensions you want by simple adding more stitches.



Liina (Green) - very firm, so your basket won´t lose shape

Must-have (074 opaline glass) - but you can use any cotton yarn you have

2 mm crochet hook



The base

Start the base with magic circle/magic ring of 6 single crochet (sc).

Don´t forget to use stitch marker, so you know where the beginning of each row is.

Row 2 - > work 2 sc into each stitch (now we have 12 sts).

Row 3 - > work 2 sc into each second stitch (now we have 18 sts)

Now we proceed as usually when you make a circle, so adding 6 stitches to each row, but in order to have a circle rather than hexagon, you have to start adding them differently in each row (more info here).

Continue until you reach Row 15 - > work 2 sc into each fifteenth stitch (now we have 96 sts)




Row 1 -> To work the edge fold, insert the hook into the front loop of the stitch and work 96 sc this way, or you can insert the hoook into the back of the stitcg through the loop at the back of the stitch and also the loop just behind the stitch and work 66 sc this way. It is up to you which way you preffer and like more.

Row 2 - 29 -> In the next rows, continue working normal 96 sc and finish the 29th row with slip stitch.

Row 30 -> Last row is made with different color, make 96 sc and finish the last row with slip stitch again and fasten off the yarn.