Before we launched our eshop in 2017, me and my sister made a list of brands, that were must-haves for us. Sandnes Garn was very high on that list, but it was not that easy. Our primary goal was to concentrate on corcheting and macrame, rather than knitting, but i tis always very difficult to resist temptation to stash as many yarns as we can, especially when they comee from Norway and in high quality. The ideal scenario would be to have all of them in stock, but it was not realistic, so we had to choose only few of them at the beginning.


Our first and the most obvious choice was Konfetti yarn – 100% superwash merino.  My sister made a snood using this wonderful, very photogenic, warm and soft yarn.  Here comes the pattern, please enjoy:





  • Konfetti yarn 2 x 100g balls  (it was one and a little bit of the second one)
  • circular needles 7 mm length  40cm
  • stitch marker - to mark the beginning of the snood 


Snood Parameters

  • suitable for 10y. – 12y. kid
  • diameter 28-30 cm
  • length app. 26 cm


This pattern is very simple and you can adjust the diameter by increasing/decreasing number of stitches (always in the way, that your final number of stitches is divisible by 4).

Knit on circular needles, so you just mark the beginning by stitch marker and continue to knit in round.

Cast on 72 sts.

1. – 8. row -> *2 sts knit, 2 sts purl* - rep. *-* until the end of the row

9. – 34. row -> purl all sts

35. – 43. row -> *2 sts knit, 2 sts purl* - rep. *-* until the end of the row

Cast off and it is done!