I really do enjoy working with Paulina yarn. It has everything I like about yarns, great colors and great quality.

Spring and summer fashion set are currently head over heels for round designs of circular beach or shopping bags. And as the circle is one of my favourite things to crochet, please enjoy this easy and free pattern for your round summer bag.




1 x Paulina color mustard

8 mm crochet hook

Black plastic bag handles



2 x Circle

Start to crochet with magic circle/magic ring of 6 single crochet (sc).

Don´t forget to use stitch marker, so you know where the beginning of each row is.

Row 1 - > work 2 sc into each stitch (now we have 12 sts).

Row 2 - > work 2 sc into each second stitch (now we have 18 sts)

Now we proceed as usually when you make a circle, so adding 6 stitches to each row, but in order to have a circle rather than hexagon, you have to start adding them differently in each row.

Row 3 - > work 2 sc into each third stitch  and I added the first 2 sc into the second stitch (now we have 24 sts)

Row 4 - > work 2 sc into each fourth stitch and add the first 2 sc into the fourth stitch (now we have 30 sts)

Row 5 - > work 2 sc into each fifth stitch and add the first 2 sc into the first stitch (now we have 36 sts)

Row 6 - > work 2 sc into each sixth stitch and add the first 2 sc into the fourth stitch (now we have 42 sts)

Row 7 - > work 2 sc into each seventh stitch and add the first 2 sc into the second stitch (now we have 48 sts)

Row 8 - > work 2 sc into each eighth stitch and add the first 2 sc into the eighth stitch (now we have 54 sts)

Row 9 - > work 2 sc into each ninth stitch and add the first 2 sc into the second stitch (now we have 60 sts)

Row 10 - > work 2 sc into each tenth stitch and add the first 2 sc into the sixth stitch (now we have 66 sts)

Row 11 - > work 2 sc into each eleventh stitch (now we have 72 sts)

Row 12 - > work 2 sc into each tenth stitch (now we have 78 sts)


When you finish both halves of the bag we start to join them together. I try to make my patterns as easy as possible with a lot of crocheting and minimum of sewing together (call me lazy if you want :)).

We will join two halves together using 56 sts (and leave 22 sts free) on both sides. Don´t forget to use your stitch markers to mark 56 stitches.

Now, we start with pulling the yarn through one loop (stitch) where you want to start on one side. Make chain 4 and pull the yarn thourgh 2 loops on the onther circle (so crochet 2tog on the other halve of your bag). Now make 4 single crochet to your chain and again, crochet 2 tog on the other side). I know it sounds difficult, so please watch my video how to do it.



Proceed until you reach 56 sts on both sides of the halves and then just cut yarn and weave in.

Now i tis time to attach handles, you can corchet them inside or outside of the bag or you can sew them in as I did. Paulina yarn is quite firm and sturdy, so it was easier for me to do it this way.

Enjoy your new bag J