As you can see from our blog posts, crochet basket is definitely our thing. So in order not getting out of practice, we have decided to post another pattern, this time for a smaller one with really fun handles. The best thing is, that we have used only some leftovers from our previous projects.





We begin with magic circle and crochet 10 sc into the loop

Row 1 –> crochet 2 sc into each stitch (20 st)

Row 2 –> crochet 2 sc into every other  stitch and 1 sc into the intervening stitches (30 st)

Row 3 –> crochet 2 sc into every third stitch (40 st)

Row 4 –> crochet 1 sc into every stitch without any increase in this round (40 sc)

Row 5 –> crochet 1 sc into every fourth stitch (50 sc)

Row 6 –> incorporate the first white metal ring into the basket, crocheting stitches by taking the yarn over hook from below the ring. Crochet 1 sc round the whole ring (50 sc)

Now you have the basis and we can start with the body of the basket.

Row 7-17  –> crochet 11 rows 1 sc rounds

Row 18–> in this round we crochet 2 holes for the handles. Crochet 21 sc, than crochet ch 2  (leaving 2 chains from previous row free), crochet another 23 sc and again, crochet ch 2 leaving 2 chains from previous row free) and finish the round with 2 sc (50 sc)

Row 19–> in this round we are incorporating the second metal ring (50 sc)

Row 20–> finish the upper edge with a round of the slip stitches. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Handle –> take 4 x 50 cm strings of Lilli yarns together, pass each end of the strings through the holes in the basket and fasten off. We used also glue gun to make sure, that the straps will remain fasten. Now use any kind of color and yarn you preffer to finish the handle by wrapping the yarns around it firmly and fasten off.

Your basket is finished!