This pattern works for younger girls (3-10 yo). You can adjust the size, width and length of the headband by adding the even number of stitches and rows.

I did also some headband for a brave young lady and the width in this case was 20 stitches (I suggest always adding the even number of stitches not to be worried about counting).

I think it is called double stockinette stitch by professionals.


If you want a nice edge of the headband you just need to follow two simple rules:

  • do not knit or purl first stitch, just slip it
  • last stitch in a row must be purl

That is why I suggest even number of stitches, because you do not need to pay much attention to count the stitches or rows, every row is the same and every last stitch is purl.



*There are lot of options, I used plastic „pom-pom maker “ from Purl Soho. Just check out the internet for more options. The size of your pom-pom is up to you.



We are knitting with double yarn, just take the begging and the end of the yarn.

  1. Cast on 28 stitches.
  2. Row 1 –> Slip the first stitch, *purl, knit* till the end, last stitch is purl (but it always comes out like that with even number of stitches)
  3. Repeat row 1 untill you have desired length (I made cca 39 cm long headband which was 48 rows). Cast off.
  4. Sew the ends together.
  5. Make a pom-pom.
  6. Use needle and yarn and sew trough the headband, tight it up and form a „bow “(little bit on a side) and attach the pom-pom.