clover sashiko needles

clover sashiko needles

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These embroidery needles with sharp tip by Clover are particularly suitable for traditional Japanese Sashiko – a type of embroidery with running stitches. The needles are made from hardened, tempered steel and have an oval, gold-plated eye and a sharp tip. This makes for a strong and resilient needle that glides smoothly over the fabric without bending or breaking. Of course these needles are also ideal for patchwork, appliqué and other detailed sewing work. The longer the needle, the more running stitches can be taken up on the needle at once. 

This set of short Sashiko embroidery needles consists of 8 needles:

  • 2 x needles measuring 50.8mm long with a diameter of 0.84mm

  • 2 x needles measuring 44.5mm long with a diameter of 0.99mm

  • 2 x needles measuring 42.9mm long with a diameter of 0.91mm

  • 2 x needles measuring 34.9mm long with a diameter of 0.89mm