Anti-Fray Glue bohin

Anti-Fray Glue bohin

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This solvent-free glue stabilizes the raw edges of the fabrics. She is perfect for avoid fraying books and clothes. You can apply it to buttonholes, seam allowances, shirt collars or cuffs... It also adapts to all types of fabrics : from sheer to velvet! Very easy to use thanks to the pipette, it dries so quickly !

This anti-fray glue will also help you to increase the resistance of your embroideries. When you have finished embroidering a project, you can complete your knots at the back with a small dot of glue to ensure that the threads do not slip. Likewise if you make appliqués, whether for patchwork, upcycling or mending clothes, the anti-fraying glue ensures a longer life for your project.

It supports washing up to 40°. It becomes transparent as it dries for maximum discretion. Solvent-free, this glue is formulated with water.

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  • In stock: 10 ks