rainbow unicorn needlepointkit for kids

rainbow unicorn needlepointkit for kids

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Unicorns are awesome! They can fly and have rainbows following them wherever they go, they spread glitter and pixie dust to everyone in need, and that's why kids love them! "Rainbow Unicorn" by Elena Comte is a cute unicorn design for your child to learn how to needlepoint. This design is printed directly on the canvas and it has a large mesh size so it is easier to embroider and we also include a colorful needle threader. The needles provided have blunt ends so are safe for children to use. 

There are easy step-by-step instructions on how to stitch, which show your child how to do the simplest tent stitch. Once they’ve finished, you can even make it into a wall hanging to decorate the kid's room, or use it to personalize their favorite accessory (jacket, schoolbag, tote bag, etc.) as a patch accessory.